A Masterwork Edition.  ISBN: 978-0-615-72542-0, 852 pages. First Available 2013. Topically Illustrated,  Perfect Bound Book (852 pages).      

This book is in honor of the martyrs who labored to give us good reasons to be kind and understanding to each other.

We hope it brings before the reader a deeper understanding of their world, a wider perspective. The book as others in the Minds-Eye series defends the rights of children, no matter our faiths, beliefs or philosophies. Those rights are too frequently destroyed because of intolerance. More often than not, intolerance originates from the absence of understanding.

The book spans all stories in the “Journey Series." and is the Prequel to the Book "The Unseen Reality". Extending the earlier books, and unique to this book, it contains a full account of a Navigator looking into the thoughts and history of the world’s leading faiths and philosophies as he travels the world and looks through the microscope of time. This is compared to the views of other thinkers as the stories unfold.


These discussions continue even as each character struggles in true life-threatening adventures, and ones that most people in highly-developed societies cannot begin to imagine.


The sections within the book are these: Thinking (Through Clouded Vision), Awaking (Humanity Arises), Seeking (Change Dares), Defending (Creating Navigators), and Navigating (A Journey through Time).

The stories throughout this book center on a concern among many people in today’s troubled world. Here is a passage arising from a central person in the book regarding that...


Humanity is defined as charity, compassion, and sympathy. The paradox is the words often associated, can have conflicting meanings.”


For example, faith is a word linking God and Humanity, but it is more complicated; that is, the definition of faith is twofold. There is the part “devotion," or “faithfulness." However, there is, in the definition, “assurance, and confidence."


To the latter part from the definition, we can find a rational course; to the former, we see blindness possible. Today in our world it is “blind faith," - an unquestioning - intolerant devotion to a spiritual essence - that endangers multitudes of children and, indeed, the future of humanity.”


In the book, both kinds of faith are traced because in these modern times, blind faith in spirit and rational faith are in conflict in the human heart. In fact, they are at war in the minds-eye of a great many people during these times!


Amplifying this conflict is the quest for understanding why we exist, but also concern of sincere people for human kind’s future. They are seeking rational means to resolve the conflicts created by blind faith. They argue, faith - no matter the connotation, must work to secure the future of the species! Rational faith must be one that preserves the core of compassion found in original faiths and the strength of the open mind.


In a nutshell, as one progresses through the stories in this book, they see the struggle to achieve rational faith. They see how this can be gained, so that understanding of past mistakes can take hold, and reason governs. Then tolerance could prevail so that we see the possibility of “one world, one people." That is, the central theme in the book - to create ways to end the “Spirit Wars” that promise a terminal fate for Humanity.


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Humanity and the Spirit Wars
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A book on the mind shift needed for world wide tolerance.

ON PURCHASE A GIFT OF THE NAVIGATOR  JOURNAL DETAILED in the OWN JOURNEY TAB(for Your Personal Diary). It IS BUNDLED WITH The BOOK. (A CD with the Book in pdf is also gifted that one could use for their e-reader.)


“An engaging search for higher meaning in Life. Challenging rational thinking about the value and future of humans.”  Online Review books & Current Affairs.


“Vital read as we will become increasingly aware of our present journey toward survival or extinction.” Mind Quest


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