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Journey is a trilogy that without reservation expresses opinions on human history and its tenuous promise.

As one reads they trace the quest of an American teacher when he journeys the third world encountering four amazing individuals attempting to survive in troubled terror-driven war-like times! His path takes him to central Africa and to India, as well as other places of the world.


The stories of the Teacher of Tolerance, Jehan, the Professor and his African and Indian friends and colleagues are all within this book.

In spite of the forces threatening their own survival, each of the persons he meets is a hero with rational proposals to ensure the survival of human kind. These proposals are the main content of the book, though that is edited within their true stories.

The book is built upon the twelfth agenda in an “Axioms of Existence,” the story unfolds so that with each encounter we learn of ways to look anew at the challenges of our times.

A mindset develops yielding a sense of promise, personal strength and enlightenment. The result is a protective blanket for children – building future navigators who can create worldwide tolerance and peace. This book contains a full glossary of terms, and the teachings of the teacher “Karman” who provides impetus for the student “Raga” to compose the “Ten Rights of Children”.

"JOURNEY INTO THE LIGHT", CAN BE VIEWED AS AN e-book via It is available through the Library of Congress, and can be purchased by writing the publisher at


“An engaging search for higher meaning in Life. Challenging rational thinking about the value and future of humans.”  Online Review books & Current Affairs.


“Vital read as we will become increasingly aware of our present journey toward survival or extinction.” Mind Quest


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