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ISBN: ISBN:978-0-615-65904-6, 6x9, 80 pages, containing “The Fifty Principles of the Benevolent Mind.” 

This book first defined the Future Navigator.  It sequels "Light Found," for readers who wish to seek solutions for the propositions in that book.


More is told about the heroine Jehan, completing the story of her tragic event in Africa.


Here, there is offered a solution for accomplishing "The Declaration of Light," proposed by Jehan.


There is within a loving account of a dejected professor, discouraged with the ways of people in today’s world. He begins to see the forward path, from his past student who in turn has learned from the teacher of tolerance.


This teaching is in the form of " Principles of the Mind" sent by the teacher of tolerance. Through those principles, one gains a sense of freedom from anger and bigotry, and in fact, so released feels a sense of delight and redirected devotion to one’s fellow man. While it sounds pedantic, the read is quite interestingly in the reach of virtually all of us.


The story behind this book sets a foundation to help us, and our children navigate and survive into the far future.

Together "Light Found" and "Future Navigaors" are  stories  relating solidly to our times.


The accounts are  told as they truly are  - adventures of struggling people, but those who want to help.  These are people who find ways to overcome our problems through rational viewpoints.

"FUTURE NAVIGATORS" CAN BE PURCHASED BOUND FROM THE PUBLISHER. Write to e-mail ... Minds-Eye@bresnan.net.  It can also be downloaded from the publisher as an e-book. Note this book is only avialble from the publisher. 


“An engaging search for higher meaning in Life. Challenging rational thinking about the value and future of humans.”  Online Review books & Current Affairs.


“Vital read as we will become increasingly aware of our present journey toward survival or extinction.” Mind Quest


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