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ISBN: 978-0-615-47403-8, 6x9, 88 pages

This book contains the “Declaration of Light.” The declaration is intended to be one of peace and protection for children, and removing the need for declarations of war between faith-political groups that take the lives of children our future. .The book was written predicting current events and details  the conflicts between faith groups  that have led to and are leading to terrible tradgedies for all Nigerians.  The book is written by a fulbright who witnessed the first terrorist actions in that country. 

The story is relayed through letters to a teacher in America. To find a remarkable African woman who is a teacher of tolerance - tragically missing, a student, Jehan travels to Africa. She arrives unsuspecting, during a time of terrorist attempts to seize control over the country.

There in the midst of that national catastrophe she discovers two young men of different life views, one a believer in the teachings of Buddha and the other of Islam. Soon she and they are entangled in a world at war through religious intolerance. As a captive in a terrorist enclave, she and her fellow prisoners compose their last declaration... a wish of “Light for the World” providing human kinds, essential survival agenda.

 Comment: The story in "Light Found", is based on true happenings and represents  the troubles in many developing countries in today's world.  It involves people of a number of  religious and ethnic groups.   It tells us about the human spirit when faced with unmangeable tradgedy, and hardship, the will to survive, and in this case that will leads to thoughts about what has been good that can when seen in a different light  be brought to bear on the future.  That is the "Declaration" made by Jehan, the Monk and a Christian Boy, prisoners in a terroist enclave.   The story in "Light Found" can be further pursued, should the reader desire, in the booklet "Future Navigators". 

"LIGHT FOUND"  CAN BE PURCHASED FROM THE PUBLISHER BY WRITING TO  It is available also as an e-book directly from the publisher.


“An engaging search for higher meaning in Life. Challenging rational thinking about the value and future of humans.”  Online Review books & Current Affairs.


“Vital read as we will become increasingly aware of our present journey toward survival or extinction.” Mind Quest


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