HERE IS AN ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION           Why Are These Books Offered ?


If you often wonder what is to be accomplished with your precious gift of life, then you are in the right place. What at the end of it do you truly want to represent your time here?


Well, looking from today’s perspective do you really care? After all billions have preceded you, just sort of existing, satisfying every self wished whim and desire. Even so, if you stand back and think of this in relation to reality, the fact that you are a human being, a most unusual creature, probably the only one ever who could create star stuff, you should care.


Shouldn’t contributions to the arrival of an ultimate - more perfect human represent you? Why? Because that creature - one of awesome potential - could be your child or the child of someone, you know!


So, if you are not involved in that greater human adventure, you might heed a wake-up call. The most important center of your life could begin now. It may be time to change, to throw off all the conflict, and achieve higher meaning, i.e., contribute to a longer-range purpose. The Minds-Eye books could help you recognize there are more vital over– lifetime choices for each of us, than sinking ones-self in constant collective insanities.


Of course, the way you treat others is certainly wound up in that. However, there is much, much more. That involves a commitment to lead them, those others wanting real meaning in life - into a world community developing the distant future.


How could this happen given today’s irrational devotions? Well, if you hide yourself behind one or the other existing “Truth Books," you may lose sight of the leadership that is possible for you. In effect, if you waste your time buried in those books, there will certainly be many who will never accept your recommendations, that is, if you are masked in unsubstantiated ideas. The record in living that way is dismal; full of conflict and war, and it has given too many people tragic life and early death. So if we don’t change in mental view, we will fail the achievement of immortality for our species.


In short, your “Mental Recognition” must be of an advanced form! It must be tolerant yet centered, unhindered, open and creative. It must be a new kind of “Minds-Eye”, one freed of superstition, ready to work peacefully toward the advance of human kind.


Just think of it, there is that possibility, the Human as the master of the Cosmos, the creature who understands the essence of existence!


In these books, there are pathways, insights that are directed towards that goal. All the answers are not there but thinking on those lines will certainly be stimulated. Those that see it are destined to navigate others into the future!


If you have wondered about what is really to be accomplished with your precious gift of life, judge your path relative to the goals in these books for the Minds-Eye. See if you are prepared to be a Navigator for lasting Human Kind!


“An engaging search for higher meaning in Life. Challenging rational thinking about the value and future of humans.”  Online Review books & Current Affairs.


“Vital read as we will become increasingly aware of our present journey toward survival or extinction.” Mind Quest


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